Saturday, June 5, 2010

How is it June already?!?! has it really been an entire month since I've updated the blog?? And how in the world is it June ALREADY?!?!? It's so surreal, we get to meet our baby girl next month - Cecilia is due in just 37 days :-)
35 weeks pregnant, ready to head out to our fantastic sprinkle!

For Memorial Day, we all went up north to Traverse City to visit Graham's Grammy and Grampy. Graham had his first adventures playing in sand and the lake. And I think it's safe to say he enjoyed both! I don't have any pics of him swimming in the lake, I was too busy trying to keep my little fish afloat, but I did capture some of his grins in the sand:
Enjoying the view of the lake

"Here, Mommy, stop taking pictures and play with me!"

Soaking up the rays after a long swim
(don't worry, he was slathered in sunblock!!)

Another first for Graham was his visit to the zoo with our friends Melissa and Hailey. We had a great time, Graham really enjoyed running around the monkey house and loved the lions. If you ask him what the lion says, he'll tell you "rawr". Ah-dora-ble!!

And for *some reason* the kangaroos reminded me so much of our Maggie and Gibson, I just had to take a picture. Ahhh... nature at its finest ;-)


  1. Adam had to point out the the red kangaroo and is mounting the gray kangaroo... kind of like at your house.

  2. Cute pictures. You look great! Kangaroo pictures are hilarious! Miss you! Really hoping to make it up there in July and that I will get to see you and the k-i-d-S!! Notice the S....plural....can't believe you will have 2 babies! :)