Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As yesterday's entry mentioned, G is now a year and a half old (a fact I'm sure you're sick of hearing by now!). To commemorate his 18th month with us, we started using his Batter Up Growth Chart my friend Joleen so fabulously picked up for us during her recent trip to Chicago. The growth chart comes with markers for each birthday ("I turned 1 today"). Since we didn't have the chart to measure him when he turned one, we started at his 18 month "birthday" by adding a "1/2" after the 1!!!.

I wasn't sure if he'd stand still long enough to actually measure him and take a picture, but I think we got pretty lucky. He's a shortie, just like Mommy and Daddy -- all torso and no legs -- measuring at 31" exactly.

I'm looking forward to his upcoming pediatrician appointment to see how much weight he's gained, I'm guessing he's right around 24.5 pounds. He's wearing size 24 month or 2T clothing, size 6.5 wide shoes (my little square footed kid!) and is a strong little bugger - always pushing furniture around the house and building those muscles!!

He's not the only one getting big around here. Only 9 weeks, 4 days to go now!

Me and Cecilia - 30 weeks

Monday, May 3, 2010

Closer to 2 every day

At what point do you stop thinking of your baby as a "baby?" When he starts to walk? Talk? Tie his shoes? Go off to college? Get married?

My "baby" turned 18 months old Sunday. And my head is reeling from the reality of it all. That's a year and a half that our baby has blessed our house with laughter, entertainment, and more than a few tears. I have no way to comprehend where the time has gone, he's grown up so much in that time. And yet.... yet, he's still my baby. The smooshy little boy who loves to give hugs and kisses, both on request and spontaneously. He's the goofball who gives you the side-eye, just for laughs. The perfect little man who fills my heart with love and joy every time I look at him, the amazing creature who made me "Mommy".

And now I look at him and marvel at how he's closer to 2 years old than he is to 1. Astounding. So when does he stop being my baby?

Something's telling me that the answer is "Never".